ihana cafe 星ヶ丘本店
ihana cafe 星ヶ丘本店

Access: 1 minute on foot from Hoshigaoka station exit 2 ♪ Go straight ahead and you will see comeda and ihana cafe on your right!


Xmas French Toast Dinner Course

Xmas French Toast Dinner Course

2980 yen

December 10 - December 25 Two items of drinks, appetizer serving, Xmas chicken, Today's pasta, Choco fondue French toast Two important times at the French toast specialty store


2 beverages (alcoholic acceptable)

Xmas 4 special hors d'oeuvres platter (cold smoked smoked salmon etc.)

French fries

Warm clam chowder soup

(Clams, shrimps, etc. are soup clogged with delicious seafood.

Please poor Poca soup for the cold body in winter)

Xmas special chicken

(It is an apple, rosé wine, ihana specially made Xmas chicken cooked with plenty of spices.)

Today's pasta

(Tagliatelle, Bucatini, Linguine, spaghettini etc.

Carefully select noodles perfect for the sauce of that day)

Chocolate fondue French toast