ihana cafe 星ヶ丘本店
ihana cafe 星ヶ丘本店

Access: 1 minute on foot from Hoshigaoka Station Exit 2 subway ♪ If you go straight ahead along the Higashiyama area, you will see comeda and ihana cafe on your right! Parking

Course details

☆ Until December 22 ☆ Christmas buffet course limited season dessert !! (seat time 90 minutes)

☆ Until December 22 ☆ Christmas buffet course limited season dessert !! (seat time 90 minutes)

By using a coupon2480 yen

  • 6items
  • 2-12persons
All-you-can-drink available

You can change it to all you can drink at Fruit liquor & Cocktail All - you - can-eat plus 700 yen.In addition to the classic cocktail, fruit liquor carefully selected from the whole country such as peach, mango, berry, lemon, yuzu, blood orange, etc. is also a great deals of all you drink ◎

Reservation deadline
Until 21:00 on the day before the desired store visit
Available days for reservation
Monday - Sunday - Public holidays - Holidays

All-you-can-eat French toast + Teriyaki chicken saute + December limited French toast with desert image of Santa's house! Also with a drink bar ♪ Alcohol drinks are also available separately at discounted prices so GOOD !

Course menu

☆ Special side dishes and December Limited special pasta cheese special Christmas dessert etc all you can eat !!

☆ Our staff 's pride French toast has a baking staff as many times as you like ♪ (90 - minute all - you - can - eat menu)

☆ The soft drink bar is complete with a buffet table! Coffee and fruit juice etc. together with the sticking French toast ◎

☆ Sautéed chicken thigh meat pickled with spice and white wine and seasoned with teriyaki sauce Teriyaki chicken with a little adult taste chef recommended!

☆ I imagined Santa's house, plenty of cream cheese in the French toast of chocolate fabric, studded fruit around

Dessert ♪ colorful sweet French toast ♪

☆ Because chocolate fountains and sweets are also on the buffet table, it is irresistible for sweet tooth! Of course side dishes are also substantial ◎

In French toast all you can eat, we will bake French toast until STOP is taken.Finally because there is dessert French toast,

Thank you for the person who adjusts the amount to eat

All-you-can-drink menu

·Fruit wine
· Peach · Yuzu · Plum · Lemon · Mango · Blood Orange · Berry · Kiwi · Apples etc There may be changes in handling type depending on purchasing situation
· Wine
·Red and white
· Cocktail cassis
· Cassis orange / cassis grapefruit / cassis soda
· Cocktail Peach
· Fuzzy group / peach grapefruit / peach soda
· Cocktail Mango Yan
· Mango Yang Orange / Mango Yang Grapefruit / Mango Yang Soda
· Cocktail vodka
· Vodka Orange / Vodka Grapefruit
· Cocktail Jin
· Jin orange / gin grapefruit
· Cocktail other
· Karoa Milk / Lamb / Tiffin / Midori / Blue Curaçao / Other We will make it in the range possible.

2018/12/05 update